December 28, 2018

When working less is desired

Having a dynamic labor force is a self-evident advantage for both the economy and companies themselves. As lifestyle and work habits are changing and enticing people to work different than usual 9 to 5, there is a growing number of employees joining gig economy or turning to temporary work without an implicit or explicit contract and becoming contingent workers.
December 28, 2018

Underemployed graduates

Talentworks Recruitment Search Group found that “61% of all full-time ‘entry-level’ jobs require 3+ years of experience”, which may seem like a Catch-22 situation for graduates fresh out of college.
December 27, 2018

Underemployment & automation

A new age is upon us. The fourth industrial revolution—or Industry 4.0 for short—is the name given to the current trend in technological advancements that interact with the physical world.