About Research Series

In our Research Series, we will be exploring social issues and pioneering technologies and examine their impact on real estate and business. Data supported research will help to develop industry insights, uncover and track trends.


Underemployment in the United States

In our first research series, the Global Knowledge Center explores how underemployment impacts the American workforce today. Underemployment matters because the number of people employed in inadequate work situations is much higher than what the low unemployment rate indicates. In 2018, an untold number of people are underemployed in the number of hours they work, but also in the use of their skills. Their labor remains untapped and companies do not access the greatest breadth of talent available to them. Changing this trend in the labor market begins with understanding what underemployment is and why it is important.


Are all hands on deck?

article by Dr. Melony Bethala, Karol Rybaczuk and Adrianna Kowalczyk

At 3.7% in November, the unemployment rate in the United States dropped to record low levels in recent months, a percentage that indicates the healthy growth of the American economy.

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Underemployed graduates

article by Adrianna Kowalczyk

Talentworks Recruitment Search Group found that “61% of all full-time ‘entry-level’ jobs require 3+ years of experience 1, which may seem like a Catch-22 situation for graduates fresh out of college.

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When working less is desired

article by Karol Rybaczuk

Having a dynamic labor force is a self-evident advantage for both the economy and companies themselves.

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Underemployment & automation

article by Dr. Melony Bethala

A new age is upon us. The fourth industrial revolution—or Industry 4.0 for short—is the name given to the current trend in technological advancements that interact with the physical world.

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